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Volume 62, Number 5 Category

Putting Power Back Into Separation of Powers Analysis: Why the SEC-PCAOB Structure is Constitutional

Nov. 2, 2009—PDF Download Link This article has two aims: to explain the historical context and reasons that led Congress to design the administrative structure at issue in Free Enterprise Fund, and to provide a realistic account of how that structure actually functions in practice. The article is, thus, a kind of “Brandeis brief” for this important...

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Bringing the Independent Agencies in from the Cold

Nov. 2, 2009—Invalidating the PCAOB would cause unnecessary disruption to the Federal Government. The supervisory powers of the SEC over the agency justify concluding that its members are inferior officers. The removal provision can be sustained by confirming that the President has constitutional powers of removal that are appropriate to the function involved. The President’s power to...

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