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The New Exit in Venture Capital

Jan. 31, 2012—This Article examines a third exit option in venture capital to supplement IPOs and trade sales: secondary markets for the sale of individual ownership interests in start-ups and venture capital funds. While investors can readily buy shares in publicly traded companies, until recently they have been unable to own a piece of private start-ups like...

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The “Independent” Sector: Fee-for-Service Charity and the Limits of Autonomy

Jan. 31, 2012—Although numerous scholars have attempted to explain and justify the benefits provided to charities, none has been completely successful. Their theories share, however, two required characteristics for charities. First, charities must be distinct from other types of entities in society, including governmental bodies, businesses, other types of nonprofit organizations, and informal entities such as families....

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Falsely Shouting Fire in a Global Theater: Emerging Complexities of Transborder Expression

Jan. 31, 2012—We have entered an era in which potentially harmful expression can be distributed around the world in an instant. In the emerging global theater, speakers and audiences are connected through new and proliferating media; communicative space and time are compressed to an extraordinary degree; domestic expression can implicate national security and foreign affairs concerns; and...

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